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31st December, 2012. 1:25 am. Since I logged in, may as well!

Today was a good day!

It started off icky because I almost threw up, then got progressively better. The Vikings won a really good game vs the Packers, but AP didn't get his record by 9 yards. But, he's such an awesome dude because he didn't even care, he was just happy with the win.

Then I got to see Megan and Katie, those wonderful ladies! And was treated to some tasty delicious Khans! Delicious!

Then we got to relive the past glory of scary movie night, except [REC]3 was more action/kinda comedy rather than scary. [REC]2 was solid though! Plus we have guest star Bobby Brace! I look forward to next time!

Tomorrow should be a good day as well, I plan to nap profusely and maybe catch up on reading and go 'dance' at an arcade.

Until next year when I remember I have this!

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9th January, 2012. 1:17 am. Whoops!

Ha ha ha, I totally forgot about this again! I should be asleep because of school tomorrow/in a few hours.

I don't think anyone reads this much anymore, but what the hell! I'll look back on this the next time I forget about this and remember about that time! It'll be great! Not really, but what the hell! I'll probly laugh and that's good enough for me! Hell to the what what!

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19th October, 2011. 8:51 pm. Monthly post I guess

And I don't even really know what to say! Doubt anyone much cares about my drivvle, and I mostly just talk to the people that would be interested in knowing my goings-on anyway.

The Ben Folds concert was amazing, that guy is a genius and needs to come back soon.

School is going well, waking up in the morning is difficult. But, at the same time makes me feel adultish. It is getting old, so I'm glad there is only and month and a half to go about. Speech class is tough because I don't really like public speaking, I get nervous and forget what I'm saying. I watched a speech I gave and I think I sounded like Kevin Smith. May have been the beard. Things are going well enough though.

Elizabeth's party was good, fun to see most of the people there again since I don't really see many people aside from Kyle and those guys, Ryan and his crew, and Katie since we have class together. The cookie crumbles in that particular manner, i suppose.

Have my Halloween costume pretty much covered, just waiting on the final piece.

Aside from those things, that's about all I got. School, work, work at school, school, work, work at school, work, school, work, day off. Rinse and repeat. Feeling kind of bored of my current life somewhat, i should something.

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18th September, 2011. 1:09 pm. OOPs

So, i forgot about this somewhat. Didn't realize a month had gone by, oh ho ho ho.

Well, first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE, belated somewhat. Glad my possum game worked, but you know I'd never forget! Hope shopping and massage were fun! I'm a tad jelly.

Saw Ben Folds last night with John, Leah, Kyle, and Kelly. That has probably been one of the best concerts I'd seen. Ben Folds is such an amazing and awe-inspiring performer. We got hear a rock this bitch, which I'd thought he didn't do anymore, so wicked fortunate. Magnitudes better than the first year he did this, and I plan to see him again when he comes back. Soooo good.

I made a some other tutor friends, one that even shares my aspiration to become a doctor. She's really cool and we pretty much just chat for the hour she's there before her time is up. Then I do something for an hour until I go too. Only had two people come in to logicate so far, but that'll change when they get to formal proofs I bet. I just hope I can remember how to do the existential and universal with variable aspects of that still. Hurdle when we get there.

Otherwise, school is going well enough. Chem is fun because I have the bestest lab partner ever! Didn't do as well as I'd hoped on the test, but still well enough. Got plenty of time to make up for that. Public speaking is going well, made some good friends. Know what my speeches are about mostly, just have to research and and get what I want to say down. Probly will need test audiences if people are interested. Independent study of logic is going decently, concepts are starting to come together. Like, 1<2 could be written as <1,2> ∈ <. How unnecessarily complicated! Interesting stuff though. Japanese culture is going well too, since I know a majority of stuff anyway, so woooooooo.

And that's it for now! Maybe i'll remember to update more frequently in the future.

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28th July, 2011. 2:42 am. Creativity

I'm thinking of starting a joke blog so I can get back into writing stuff. Or maybe a webcomic, but that is less likely because I'm not that artistically skilled. Not that you really need to be, from the looks of some.

Either way, if anything, could get internet famous. What else would you really need to do with your life? A buddy of mine was saying we should do webisodes of silly shorts. I suddenly really do want to, but I would need some kind of a camera to record it. Or some kind of software to edit it, but that's attainable. I think I do have something to that degree on my laptop anyhow.

Though, now that I think of, I don't even know who even reads my livejournal anymore since I hardly post. Then if I do start blogging I probly won't update this too often, maybe. Or maybe I will post more here in some sort of synergistic posting effect.

In real life, or irl for short, I'm going back to school to hopefully get finished at Normandale. Then move on to somewhere else and get a real degree, namely nutrition. I think I want to become a pediatrician ultimately, because the more I work with kids, the more I enjoy it. Though teaching them how to read and do math vs. stabbing them with needles for their delicious blood may be a slightly different situation. Adventures to be had at a later date, vampirism aside.

Other than that, not a terrible amount of things has been going on with me. I've been getting a weird migraine every day for a little while during the day. Started during work, and stopped after I left work. Same thing next day. Today it started as I was going, and ended in the middle. Can't say I'm a big fan. So there is that! Yay!

So, I dunno, if there is anything anyone wants to ask me so I don't have to think of something to post. This way I may do it more than once a month or so. I think I am going to start that blog for funsies though.

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11th July, 2011. 11:21 pm. My cat is dumb

I should use this more, so I'm going to try using it more.

Anyway, my cat Taz is very simple which makes her seem very stupid. Her most noticeable trait is that she is a profound lover of rubbing up against things, that being nigh anything so long as it's not a person because she is scared to death of everything that moves that she doesn't know. Some of those things are things that shouldn't be rubbed up against.

We have a cactus plant on our dining room table. You can likely guess where this is going. Whenever anyone (that she knows) is in there, she jumps up there and starts rubbing up against the plant pots, and invariably, the cactus as well. Just faceplants right into them and starts rubbing, then looks back to make sure you are still there to pet her. She started getting bumps on her head and we couldn't figure out why, until we noticed just how exuberant she is when rubbing up against stuff, chiefly, that cactus.

Just an adorable, simple-minded little monster. She also has this lovely screech meow, especially when she runs downstairs to where I live. She runs down the stairs as fast as felinely possible then screams at me to get my attention, which she succeeds at spectacularly. Then proceeds to get almost within arms reach and starts rubbing against the couch, so I have to move or get up to pet her so she stops being crazy for a bit maybe. At least she lets me hold her somewhat now, though she looks around like there are cascading shiny things falling everywhere.

So, here is a picture of her being scared and sticking her head out of a cupboard. I thought about shooping, "Is it secret? Is it safe?" Perhaps a task for later.

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28th June, 2011. 3:22 pm. Customer Service equals...

Been a while, again. So, I thought I'd tirade a bit.

The other day, I was hanging out with Ryan, Greg, and Suzie playing basketball. Was very fun, played racquetball ball the day prior, also fun. Afterwards, we went to cub to pick out stuff to grill up for dinner. Was a fine experience, though the clerk seemed like he may have forgotten math when it came to getting my change. No big deal. Math isn't everyone's cup of tea.

However, we went to a gas station after to get drinks. The one right next to where I work. I've been there several times, since I work next to it. Greg and Lee had spoken highly of a beverage named Calypso, which turns out was well deserved. The 'transaction' to get it though, left something to be desired.

The clerk was a short, fat black woman. She was helping one of her friends cut in line while another guy was trying to get something. I didn't care much, I was looking at some deal on chips and considering getting some. In my pondering, Ryan alerted me that it was my turn. Feeling bad for not paying attention I turned and apologized, asked if she had rang up my one calypso drink, and if I should swipe my card. The most suitable answer to any of those questions are both a single, monosyllabic word. Yes or no. A minimal amount of strain on the vocal cords for an alarming amount of information. But what did she do? She stared at me. Did not say anything. Nothing. Silence. She stared at me like she was about to do the stereotypical black lady finger snap then utter, "ah hyell nyoo!" Not even that. She just stared. I asked her if I needed to move it closer for her so that she could ring it up, presumptuously though, I moved it closer to her while I asked. Didn't take her eyes off me. I had guessed that her pudgy arms couldn't reach it, thus, her inaction.

After a few more agonizing seconds of her mentally-handicapped deer stare, she finally rung up my drink. I swiped my card, we were done with this astonishing waste of time. She never said one word to me. She did, however; say the cursory customer service words to Greg and Ryan.
Off we went.

Those who know me know that I don't get angry often. Extremely rarely am I legitimately angry.
There are a few things that aggravate me to no end and annoy me to such a degree that I do get angry. This was one of those events. I don't expect much in the way of customer service from a gas station clerk. I expect at most a 'hey' or 'how's it going?' if it's really been a good day for them before the usual events of a transaction. A word, at all though. An answer to a question, or at least, to one if asked many. Make yourself seem like you are at least semi-cognisant and have some sort of rudimentary understanding of inter-personal communication. 'Hey' can even be shortened to 'Ay' which phonetically is just a letter, namely, A. Something a pre-schooler is probably even aware of. Go that extra syllable and say, "Hello!" Instantly makes you 40 times classier.

Anyway, I explained this little happning after we got back to the others that did not get to see that wonderful event. It ended up with me yelling about it because I was so annoyed.

The Calypso drink was utterly fantastic though.

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10th April, 2011. 2:25 am. Menamena, do doo do doo do

I think i'm getting sick again. Since I got hilariously sick last time, my throat and voice have kind of hurt since then. So, i was thinking about how life would be like if I was mute. Booorrriiinnnnng. Actually, it made me think of the guy from final fantasy 8 that ran with laguna. Totally for serious, because I'm cool like that.

Anyway, I think i'm getting some sort of social phobia thing. I don't quite get it, I like going out with people and doing things. Like to think of myself as a reasonably fun person to be around, probably? Increasingly I find myself with a feeling of dread when I have to go out to parties or do large scale things. Currently, just a nagging feeling, but there none the less. Could be a keep missing them, feel bad about it, negative spiral from there.

Also feel like my mind is degenerating. I find i can't find words when i talk, i blank out into space more often. More and more turning into a more apathetic, crazy person who doesn't pay attention. Always have been proud of my extensive vocabulary, and now i keep forgetting the lamest words. This might be lending to my social issues because i can't express myself as well as I like. Can't imagine looking/sounding like a doofus is high on the list of cool.

Aside from that, my schedule is all sorts of messed up. Stay up too late, sleep too little, to do too much for a day. Plan to go back to school fulltime in the fall since i have aide now, so I'll probly wreck myself. I am tough though, so we shall see how that goes.

Other than that, everything is about the same in my life. Work sometimes, hang out with pretty much only kyle and fight night crew and brett. Not that i contact people too often because i have no idea what schedules are. Not that i can't ask i guess. Currently, not feeling like i want to overly, as usual. Standard my fashion of thinking to talk to someone, wonder a good time, decide i'd rather stay comfy at home, not bother, and feel bad about it later. Good times.

For interested parties to indulge my laziness, i'm usually quite free tuesdays, friday days, and sundays.

now to not post, likely, for another month or two. unless i post dumb youtube videos to bump the journal, e/o.

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19th February, 2011. 12:30 am. Edumaction: Dun lern me a book

The Borders in Richfield is closing, and is thusly having a liquidation sale. 20-40% off stuff, so if you like books, or music, or tv show dvd/movies, and stuff, it is somewhat cheaper!

Perhaps the curse of that corner store is starting to grow in power...

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8th February, 2011. 2:03 pm. Curses

So, a week or two ago, i was sick with a gnarly fever. Lasted a few days, then i started feeling better. Throat felt kind of strange, but figured it was just aftereffects of the fever.


Turned into a horrid cough, dislodging goo from my lungs. Pretty much completely lost my voice after katie's and my little delicious dinner date of tastyness. Which further made me miss 3 extremely fun opportunities and many others due to just not being able to talk, and coughing up crap constantly. Which baffles me, this may be gross, but I have coughed up so much this time. Way more than any other time. My lungs had to have been totally coated in this stuff.

That aside, nothing seems to help. Have to wonder what it is. If it's just my house is dry and it's irritating my throat? maybe pneumonia? i have no idea. Maybe if we had free healthcare and i could take my uninsured self in to check, but oh wait. nope.

That aside, i've done nothing but be sick, sad, and tired and it's no fun.


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